Thursday, April 21, 2011

Please support the CAM-paign

Now everyone has had a chance to shed a few tears and compose themselves I think it's time we all realised the truth.  Cam has gone.  Elminated at the hands of the evil cupcake conspiracy his time in Masterchef is over.

But hold back people.  There is no point throwing your pizza crust at the TV screen or sending bad ju ju jibes towards the judges.  The decision has been made and we must move on.

We need you, YES YOU, to get behind the Official "Bring back CAM" CAM-paign.  We need to make the people who control these box screen things we stare at in the evening realise that Cam has got what it takes.  He's provided the true Kiwi essence that we are all so protective of and delivered it every Sunday as a perfect accompaniment to finely cooked food.

By buying one of Cam's t-shirts you are helping to keep his name out there and hopefully showing those that need to know that we need more of this man in our lives.  So do it!  Get on board the OFFICIAL CAM-paign.

Once you have the shirt head to the facebook page and show us a pic of you strutting your stuff!

$20 for a shirt, which also puts you in the draw to win dinner cooked for you and 3 friends by the man himself.  I'm telling you that prize is awesome!!!  Buy 1 shirt buy 3.  It is getting cold people.  Layers.  Always wear Layers!

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