Sunday, April 10, 2011

Curry Capitulation

And so there we have it.....the end of the road.  The Masterchef journey ends with a disastrous effort in the curry challenge.  Obviously I'm disappointed to be going home, mainly due to my poor effort on the day.  Who forgets to put salt into food in a cooking competitio!! I had an absolute mare and just got too comfortable with my surroundings.

While I'm disappointed in my efforts on the day I am immensely proud at what I achieved.  I really didn't ever believe that I could have said that I would be into the last 7 of a show like Masterchef.  Not because I can't cook, I know I can cook, but because of the pressure and the unknown factor of it all.

I'm sure some others couldn't believe I was still there as well.  The great duck swindle and plaster gate were rather auspicious ways to be remembered and obviously if I had my chance again I would do things differently.  But don't forget that we are amateur cooks.  Amateur cooks in high pressure environments who wind up doing silly things.  My silly things just seemed to be a bit more silly than others!  At least they were entertaining!  I'm a Virgo you see, so clumsiness is something that I have had hanging over me since an early age, and it doesn't look like it will be leaving me any time soon! Beyond all that I've learned so much and I've really ignited a passion that I want to share with the rest of you.  Best of luck to my fellow Masterchef contestants as they continue the battle for that coveted prize.  I have my favorites and it will be interesting to see how they fair over the weeks to come.

While this is the end of the road in one way I'm merely waiting at a a red light for it to turn green so I can continue my journey on this life long road trip with food.

I'm loving writing.  I really hope you're all enjoying the posts and that the recipes are giving you ideas for you to try in your own kitchen.  I'll be doing a whole host of interviews tomorrow and will be on Good Morning at around 11.45am with my Tarakihi and Salsa recipe.

Also, just to prove I CAN cook a curry I will have the best Butter Chicken recipe in the world up during the week.  Don't forget to subscribe to the blog using the panels on the left so that you can get new posts delivered straight to you!!

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  1. With shows like Masterchef I always think that no matter how early on a person gets eliminated, being a contestant always ignites the passion that they already have and gives them a push down the road that they're obviously meant to follow - and it's pretty obvious where your passion is! Plus, you got as far as the final seven so yay you!

    Also, my 15 Year Old Daughter (your second cousin? I can never remember how the cousin thing works) is a Virgo and a total klutz. Mind you I'm a Libra and also a total klutz so it may be familial, not astrological!