Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting back into the swing of things....

It's always hard isn't it.  Coming back after a few days off.  Why does it never last longer.  Just one more day!  It's always the catch call at the water cooler.  One more day would have been nice.

That's what I need.  A chair, a bottle of wine and a View!
Our weekend was a perfect selection of getting out there and relaxing at home.  We went to Rakino Island in the Hauraki Gulf to visit friends and soak up the sun at a sedate Jazz Festival.  The country cousin of the Waiheke Jazz Festival with only about 300 attending it is a very relaxed affair.  But with the sun shining and being trapped on Auckland's equivalent to Stewart Island we weren't complaining.

The beautiful Rakino Island
The evening was topped off by a birthday meal at the Malaysian Restaurant, Bunga Raya in New Lynn.  A great casual feed I must get a proper review up soon.  Although, the place is already very busy.  I wouldn't want it getting too hard to get a spontaneous booking in!  Happy birthday cousin Katey!

Sunday and Monday morning were particularly hard.  Being a bit of a silly beggar, and getting incredibly frightened by the amount of circling cars at the local supermarket on Thursday night, we were without any reasonable form of nutrition.  It shouldn't be right for a Masterchef's cupboards to be bare.  No vegetables, no meat, no eggs.  It was going to be tough to get through.  Thankfully a supply of potatoes, frozen peas and some dried herbs and pasta kept us fed.  It's fair to say none of those recipes will make the blog though!

As I was bereft of sustenance for a few days my mind did a bit of wandering and once the shops were open again I joined the masses zooming around the supermarket as if the end of the world were nigh.  A few ideas had popped into the head and so the wife and I have had three days of yummy food.  I thought I would tease you with a few pictures while these dishes get tested again so I can get those recipes perfect for you.

Chicken Breast, Bacon, Mushrooms and Mash with a 'Coq au Vin' style sauce and a side serve of green beans.

Lamb and Mint Sausages served upon a spicy cannellini bean and savoy cabbage stew.  And some spuds for good measure.  Warm and comforting.  Perfect for that rainy Monday night!
A Greek inspired dish.  Walnut and Parsley encrusted Lamb rack served with Kumara chips, Courgette, Feta and Lemon Sauce and a rough Olive Tapenade.

Tomorrow I will have a review of the tapas bar and cafe, Serafin, in Dominion Road Auckland.  And check back on Saturday when I will have a super simple prawn and pasta dish that, out of all the options she could have, my Wife loves the most.

I'm off for Teppanyaki tomorrow night.  Can't wait!  I've never been before and who can't like dinner and a show.  Especially when it's combined!

Heads down people.  We can do it.  Only two more days to go.

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